This Week’s Cravings

Items: 1. Erdem, Silvia Silk-chiffon Dress; Net-a-porter  2. Alaia, Lace-up Calf Hair Pumps; Net-a-porter 3. Brian Atwood, Balleto Platform Sandals; Net-a-porter 4. Marc By Marc Jacobs, Blanket Stripe Wool-blend Skirt; Net-a-porter 5. 3.1 Philip Lim, Wool-blend Dungaree Skirt; Net-a-porter 6. Tapestry Design Bag; Topshop 7. Husky Nitted Hat; Topshop 8. Hooded Contrast Swing Coat; Topshop 9. Alaia, Lace-front Peep-toe Ankle Boots; Net-a-porter 10. Sequin Bloomer Shorts; Topshop 11. Asos Faux Shearling Bowler; Asos

These are my favorites of the week, I will post my favorites of next week, next sunday!


Chocolate Raspberry Tart

This recipe for a chocolate raspberry tart is perfect! I made it the other day for a dinner we were having with friends. The recipe makes little tartlets, but I just made one large tart and that worked just as well. The raspberries are put on top, and are not actually in the batter, so I assume you could use other fruit as well.

Recipe is from  The Ghirardelli Chocolate Cookbook

The Recipe

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Foggy Day Blue

Yesterday I spent the morning in a vintage sweater, borrowed from my sister, a american apparel ice skater dress, but tied as a skirt, and a pair of paolo heels from two years ago. Though it was a bit foggy, I was able to not wear tights. A first since I have gotten home.

Britain’s Best Peach and Pistachio Upside Down Cake

In a hotel room in switzerland, most channels in german, and to tired from flying to do any walking, what should I do…watch Britain’s Best Dish!  Though I was only able to watch the dessert challenge, one of the contestants was making an apricot and pistachio upside down cake and I immediatly wrote down the website for the recipe after watching the judges admire her dish. Now, 4 days at home, I wanted to try it myself, though we only had peaches and no apricots, so I did a little substituting…

For the Peach and Honey Spread:

115g unsalted butter

2½ tbsp clear honey

100g light brown sugar

½ tsp vanilla extract

Pinch of salt

2 large ripe Peaches

The rest of the recipe is here

I also did not make the ice cream because I don’t own a ice cream maker, but the rest of the recipe I followed.

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A Plaid Day

Yesterday I decided to wear a vintage metallic plaid 50s dress I had gotten the day before at Wasteland, it was a lucky find since most of the good clothing is cleaned out quickly, since it one of the most popular vintage stores. I paired it with a vintage belt, a Muji jacket, blueish gray tights, black flats, and a vintage leather backpack…

We went to Outerlands for lunch, an amazing resturaunt with delicious homemade bread that they use for mouth watering open faced sandwiches. Here is the link to their website where they have a sample menu. (they change their menu frequently)

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A Day in St. Andrews

Last week while we were in Edinburgh we decided to take a drive to St. Andrews for the day. Our first destination in  town was Market Street, and I immediately fell in love with its cute independent stores, and neighborhood resturaunts, we ended up eating at The Doll House, which serves a two course meal at lunch for under 10 pounds. After having a filling lunch, we walked through the little streets to the medieval castle.

After a walk through the old castle ruins, we walked over to the medieval cathedral.

The Furriest Bride

A bride full of fur

Photo via Fashion Gone Rogue